▯▯▯▯▐ Company isn’t something that one
             expects in the middle of a forest, 
             not unless you’ve made plans. But,
             he decides to remain silent, rather
             than greet the unknown. That’s just
             the way his mind works, you see.

             [ 𝓘t was indeed a curiosity to stumble upon another in
             the heart of the woods, where one would least expect
             it — a n d  the dragon would be straight out lying if he
             claimed that he didn’t come here for that reason alone.
             Visitors were rarely, if ever, welcomed in his presence,
             but he was also no coward who shied from encounters. ]

                                ❝—— 𝓒ome to enjoy the scenery?❞

                                             [ 𝓥alenth doubted it ; just like he doubted many other
                                             things in his life — and trust didn’t come easy for the
                                             dragon, least of all so in the presence of a stranger. ]


                    [ 𝓢tirring a beast was never a smart idea ;
                    or had no one  t o l d  the trespasser not to
                                                        wake the dragon? ]


          [ 𝓣ales were oft just tales — stories that had been passed on
          without being written down, warped over the centuries with
          each person that told them. Granted, there may be a grain
          of truth hidden at the core of them, but it was sometimes so
          small and irrelevant that it hardly mattered in the end. After
          all, wasn’t he supposed to be just a creature of legend, too? ]

                             [ 𝓗is gaze had rested on the female for quite some time now,
                             merely in passing, evaluating whether she stuck around for
                             seeing past his own facade or if she just happened to be here
                             by coincidence — but did she, too, not truly belong here? Such
                             an exotic being was clearly not a sight you stumbled upon oft. ]

                                             ❝—— 𝓒uriosity killed the cat.❞

         [ 𝓐s idle a comment it may be, it was not said out of jest alone. ]


          [ 𝓣he old Hale house stood there like a hollow shell, charred
          by flames and covered in ash that lay dormant for years —
          the open door creaked with a yawn, its windows dusted and
          empty like the rest of the building. Perhaps there were a few
          cracks littering the glass, but the dragon could not say from
          such a distance, and it hadn’t been  w h y  he had come here. ]

                               [ 𝓑ut the person he was looking for was apparantly not home.
                               Valenth was not one to seek out another unless the man found
                               a purpose in it, and there was no doubt that this rang true now. ]

                                               ❝𝓐re you a wolf or a dog hiding from its masters?❞

                             They took everything away from me.
                                     Everything went up in fłȺmɇs
                                         And I was left all ᴀʟᴏɴᴇ.

                                   And so I shall [remain] alone.

The Humbling River


your bio pages are hella pretty they are so pretty i just wanna rub my face on them. also, Valegos sounds kinda epic

[wowowow thank you so much! this means a lot to be! no one wants to know the tears and sweat i poured into these pages. also, i can only give that compliment back. i love your wonderful big bad wolf. ♥]

             You can’t
                                              br —



       Eight years to a life scourging the soil for nutrition had left left a distinct taste on Malia’s taste buds ; her pallet held a variety of skin otherwise disdained by her counterparts, now. However she refused, now, to be ashamed of the snakes and mice— or even the road kill — she’d consumed in her quadruped form ; it was what kept her alive, and she was thankful.

       But that isn’t to say she would take granted of the plate set before her, a snack she’d reminisced of since she was a young girl.

image                          ❝ This pizza is the best.

                          ❝ … Next time, I swear
                                           I’ll pay. ❞

             [ 𝓘n hindsight, the dragon questioned why he let himself
             be dragged into a run-down place like this to begin with;
             and as though that hadn’t been suspect enough, he had
             even agreed to waste some of his well-earned money &
             treat the teenager to some fast food. He personally had
             a preference for a different diet, but Valenth figured it was
             worth the trouble if he could get some useful information
             out of her — aside from the fact that she enjoyed a simple
             pizza way more than she should. Meanwhile, he seemed
             unimpressed and as equally unwilling to get one himself. ]

                                  ❝—— 𝓐nd how are you going to do that?
                                                 Steal it from an unsuspecting derelict?❞

                                                             [ 𝓘t wouldn’t even surprise him much. ]

                                  ❝𝓑ut I didn’t come here to talk about pizza.❞



                    ❝I think if that’s the case, 
                                     you should stop talking.

           [ Derek was hardly a fan of people talking anyway.
                        Especially when they were mocking his 
                                               intelligence thus.

                    ❝𝓘f you’re threatening me,
                                 you picked the wrong person.❞

                                [ 𝓤nfortunately, Valenth didn’t care much about what
                                other people thought, and turned a particulary cold
                                shoulder towards their needs; in the end, he always
                                did what he wanted and damned the consequences. ]